Successful Showing Tips


1. Before Showing Your Home or Before and Open Houses, Please Pack Away ALL Valuable Items. This may include jewelry, personal banking items, cash, social security cards and similar personal papers. While everyone coming to your home will be accompanied by a licensed broker, things can happen, and it is best to be pro-active.


2. You’ll want to make a great first impression so it’s always a good idea to make sure your front walkway, porch and yard are in showing condition. Keeping this area swept, cobweb free, well-lit and uncluttered makes your home look well maintained and creates safer passage for people coming and going. Keeping your lawn and other landscaping well-manicured dramatically increases your home’s curb appeal and draws potential buyers to your home. Never Underestimate the Power of a Great First Impression!


3. It is always a good idea to make a quick run through of your home before a showing. Making sure beds are made, clothing and toys are picked up, dishes are put away and there is an overall feeling of tidiness can go a long way in making a good impression on a potential buyer. It’s not always easy to see your home through the eyes of a stranger but that’s what you’ll need to attempt to do. Buyers often struggle to see their things in a new space an having a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness helps them make that transition in their mind.


4. Lighting is a critical space enhancer. Rooms that appear dark appear smaller than they really are. Most buyers are looking for homes with lots of natural sunlight and well-lit spaces, in order to make a great impression, we always recommend turning on the lights in every room, including closets and bathrooms. Opening blinds and drawing back curtains also allows in natural sunlight. We recommend doing this in every room as well. The most efficient and easiest way to do this is to establish a routine before a showing, go room by room and tidy up while turning on the lights and opening the blinds.


5. If you have pets, you will want to make sure that you clean up after them before any open houses or showings. Buyers will most likely go into your backyard and may walk through your grass. You don’t want to leave them with any surprises Also, cat litter boxes that are left full give an overall impression of a house being unclean. Make sure your pets are in a safe area where they won’t get out or jump on visitors or startle visitors. If possible, taking them with you during a showing is the very best thing to do for both you and your pet.


6. After opening the front door, the very first thing a potential buyer notices about your home is the way it smells. Most homes have a neutral odor, and this rarely comes up but it’s worth mentioning if you have indoor pets or anything else that may cause unusual odors. This is hard to be objective about as most people are used to the smell of their home. Try to approach this from a stranger’s perspective. Plug in air fresheners always make a good impression, try to use a scent that is warm and neutral.


7. Most sellers ask whether they should be home during a showing. The best thing you can do to sell your home is to leave during showings. Buyers typically feel uncomfortable walking through someone else’s home and looking through their cupboards. If you’re there, they usually won’t look at your home as thoroughly as they would otherwise and they have a harder time picturing it being their home. It has been our experience that buyers will take longer to look if you are not there. 


8. Buyers are also looking for lots of storage space. It seems that everyone has too much stuff and looking for a pace to put it. Going through your closets and cupboards and organizing them to create a feeling of space can also help you make a great impression. Buyers will look in your cabinets and closets, so it’s good to be one step ahead of them.

            Selling a home is probably not something you do often, and this may even be your first experience with it. Overall, buyers are typically looking for a home that feels clean and well cared for. They want enough space to be comfortable and lots of light. Buying a home is an emotional decision, so things like impressions, smells and an overall feel are important. There is usually a little bit of nervousness that they are doing the right thing and they want a property to stand out and be the one.


            Remembering that buyers are typically making the largest and most important purchase of their lives, helps to see what they may be thinking and why. They may not know much about home maintenance and may fear the unknown. Having your home appear to be clean and in tip top shape helps them feel confident that they are making a good decision. It can be amazing what impression small details make. Many buyers see an organized closet or tidy bathroom and develop an impression that you care for your home and therefore assume that the bigger details of the home’s maintenance will most likely be in order too.