Here are some tips to help you get ready for photo day! These photos are the main foundation of our marketing plan so thanks in advance for your help with this important step!


-       Remove all items from Kitchen, Bath, and Laundry Room Countertops.

-       Make all Beds and smooth out any wrinkles in the bedding.

-       Make sure toilet seats are down.

-       Fold towels in kitchen and baths in a visually appealing way.

-       Hide any visible clutter (this is temporary for the photo shoot)

-       Pack away any valuables you don’t want to display in the photos.

-       Set up exterior patio furniture and make the exterior as inviting as you can visually.

-       Put away any garden tools in the backyard that will detract from the photos.

-       Make sure trash cans are stowed away out of sight.

-       Make sure front and back porches are swept and look as inviting as possible.

-       Vacuum carpets to make them look their best.

-       Remove all items from the front of the refrigerator.

-       Open all blinds and window coverings.

-        Remove all laundry from the laundry room.

-       Remove all cars from view.

-       Put away all dishes and don’t leave any towels in or on the sink or counters.

-        Stow away all toys and pet items and take pets off premises during the shoot.